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iNtelli-Bill Software™

Medical Billing Software and Practice Management System

  • iNtelli-Bill™ is our proprietary medical billing software and is delivered as an ASP / SaaS service.

  • We are constantly adding new features and updating compliance issues such as Version 5010 for EDI transactions and ICD-10 integration that is also on the forefront for medical offices.

  • You access the software from any Windows PC with a stable and secure platform specifically designed for client server applications. iNtelli-Bill™ offers many features.

  • Some are included with the basic software bundle and others are options that may not be necessary for smaller offices. These include the following.

Practice Management System and Medical Billing Software Features


The scheduler is integrated with the billing system to provide you with up to date financial information to include co-pays as well as real time insurance benefit verification. Your front office staff can see real time status of insurance policies in several areas of the system including the appointment scheduler.


Reach out to your patients as soon as your EOB's import with a selection of predesigned templates aimed at encouraging prompt payment. Or customize templates of your own that you feel better meet the demographic of your practice. Either way, the messaging system has the capability of immediately informing the patient of their financial obligation. You can even turn the task over to the AI (artificial intelligence) built into iNtelli-Bill™ and let it do the work for you. Ester, the AI, will step through preset messaging templates, over a duration of your choosing, escalating the language of the messages.



Embedded in the messages sent to patients, is the option to download a copy of their current statement. This frees up your staff to take care of more pressing in house duties rather than answering phone calls about balances. The cost of printing and mailing statements to patients with questions has now been removed. They can download and view, even print their statements, as soon as they receive the message. The sooner the patients receive their statement, the sooner our clients can expect to be paid for their services.



Together with our Payment Partners, the patients can now pay their balance as soon as they receive the patient responsibility message. Like the downloadable statement option, the payment option is just a click away. Instead of weeks, a patient can receive their balance, validate their statement, and pay their balance in minutes. No worries over security. Our Smart Payment Portal is fast, easy, and secure.



Claims submitted electronically to insurance companies with just a couple of key strokes.


An EOB processing system that automatically downloads, processes and then applies the EOB to your patient's files.


Have professional statements mailed to your patients at the push of a button.


This module scans ahead in the appointment scheduler and flags upcoming appointments with the appropriate verification of insurance benefits. The benefit detail returned will not only indicate invalid insurance but stores all benefit data received from the payer for review at anytime. Co-pays, deductibles, policy status etc.


Data exchange program for EMR, EHR and Labs. We can connect and share data with any EMR/EHR with this interface. Don't be forced to use a lesser quality Practice Management or Billing System just because it is included with the EMR.


A proprietary "Artificial Intelligence" inside the iNtelli-Bill program that seeks out issues for medical and billing personnel. ESTHER will alert you if a claim has not been paid and needs further attention. ESTHER eliminates the need to run reports for follow up. This works for both patient and insurance company claims and is a powerful tool for increasing revenue.