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FAQ's about our Billing Service

What key points set iNtelli-Bill apart from other billing services?

We are proven to be the best at filing claims correctly the first time with a 99.3% acceptance rate for initial claims. This is an astonishing accomplishment according to our clearing house. The National average for rejection of initial claims is approximately 3.5%. Compare that to our average at 0.73%. We attribute this reputable success to the following...

  • A highly skilled billing and coding staff that doesn't believe in doing just enough to get by. They take their jobs seriously and work every day to to improve procedures and dissect your claims for perfection. You won't find more dedicated billers anywhere...
  • Intense scrutiny of each claim before it is filed to assure it meets the payer's ever changing qualifications.
  • A minimum of two billing and coding specialists review each claim for accuracy before sending to the payer.
  • Multiple billing and coding specialists work your account and keep your claims flowing even when someone is out sick or on vacation.
  • Daily filing of your claims create an evenly distributed revenue cycle for your practice throughout the month.
  • iNtelli-Bill is focused on creating the most user friendly, intuitive, and automated software possible. We have gained intense knowledge of the medical billing world that others are simply not subjected to. In other words, we have learned the tricks of the trade and not only applied them to our software, but to our internal billing service practices. This software is far superior to the competitors. We designed it, we believe in it, and we stand by it. There is not another system available that is as inclusive with the functions necessary to keep you on point and focused.

We have an EMR. Can we use your Practice Management with it?

Yes, and we truly recommend it. - If you are utilizing our Practice Management System we can interface the PM with any EMR. This interface will send demographic and or appointment information to the EMR and retrieve charges back to the PM System. All is done electronically in the background and without user input.

What are the benefits to using iNtelli-Bill Practice Management with iNtelli-Bill billing service?

  • Able to receive patient payment directly from patient page and have it posted into the patient account. This payment will immediately reflect in the AR and also lessens the chance of key stroke errors in posting payments.
  • At patient check-in you are directly presented information on collecting a co-pay, how much it is, and if the patient has a balance on their account. No more guessing if you need to collect a co-pay because it is automatically presented to you.
  • Financial reports including A/R with just a few key strokes.
  • Instant and On-Demand review of our progress working your account.
  • Trending features to instantly revue the overall status of billing.

* There are many others and you will see more detail below in the 'FAQ's specific to our Practice Management System'.

We already have a practice management system, how do we get the charges to iNtelli-Bill?

We can set up an electronic interface between our systems and your EHR or PM System (Not necessary if using our PM) and pull the charges electronically. The use of this method must be looked at on an individual basis and is dependant on your existing systems. Other options depending on your location include local or national courier and secure document services.

Can I access financial records for my CPA?

At any time you can review and create reports on your financial data with just a few keystrokes. As well, iNtelli-Bill generates and provides you with a financial report each month when we balance and close. You will also receive more in depth quarterly reports in March, June, September, and December. These report booklets and their ancillary paperwork are mailed directly to you monthly. You can take this information - hand it to your CPA - and your done... No more scrambling to get your financial records in order.

We currently outsource to a different billing service but don't know if they are doing a good job. At times this creates trust issues. Why will it be better if we change to iNtelli-Bill?

Referring back to the first Q&A above we began as a software developer. This provided us then and still gives us today a look under the covers as to what brings in more revenue. We work closely with our clearing houses to dissect every day what changes the payers have made to their filing requirements. Considering we created and constantly update our own software these changes are implemented almost immediately. No other billing service working with 3rd party software has this capability.

As for maintaining your trust we work 100% Transparent with our clients. We mention many times on this site about the Practice Management System we provide at no charge for your office and how you can watch our work in real time. You don't have to call and ask how and if we are doing our work. You can log in to the system at anytime and see for yourself.

What about phone calls or patients in our office wanting to discuss their billing?

We relieve your office of this time consuming duty. When we send statements to your patients the phone number that appears for billing inquires is our direct billing number. If a patient is in your office you have two choices... Hand them our number and recommend they call your billing department (that's us), or you can look in the iNtelli-Bill PM System yourself and with a quick glance give them a definitive answer on the spot.

We are concerned with security. Is iNtelli-Bill located in the United States?

Absolutely YES! Larabie LLC and iNtelli-Bill are US based in Orange Park, FL.. We take privacy and security very seriously and exceed all HIPAA regulations to protect your data. Your secure data never goes offshore.

FAQ's specific to our Practice Management System

How do we make appointments?

Everyone has full access to our easy-to-use, advanced appointment scheduling system. Customized templates map out the preferred daily schedule for each provider so errors and overbooking are avoided. Automated patient warnings alert users to other existing appointments, of a patient’s missed appointment history, of a need for an authorization number, of a past due account. Online scripts for different appointment reasons prompt staff to remind patients of important information. Up-to-date, detailed schedules can be printed for doctors, chart pulling, etc.

How do we generate encounter forms or patient receipts?

You can print customized computer generated encounter forms (face sheets), on economical blank paper, that contain patient demographic information, appointment details, and the most commonly used CPT4 codes, diagnosis codes, or physician notes and instructions. You can print these forms individually or in a batch for all appointments in a day. At patient checkout, you have the option to input patient charges and print an individualized computer generated receipt detailing diagnosis and transactions for the visit along with patient’s account balance and future appointment information.

Can we continue to use our EMR system?

We have the ability to offer seamless bidirectional interfaces with any EMR software on any operating system platform if the EMR system itself has HL-7 industry standard interfacing capabilities.

Can I do business with iNtelli-Bill if I am thousands of miles from their headquarters?

Our services are available nationwide. The fast system response time makes the medical office staff feel as if the server were located in their own office... even if they are 3000 miles away from iNtelli-Bill headquarters.

How do we send recall notices?

The system asks you whether or not to schedule a recall when diagnoses or procedures you have designated are entered for a patient. You can also schedule a recall for any reason at any time. Then you can print form letters or postcards with patient information merged.

How do we follow up with patients that NEED to be seen again?

Our software exclusively has “ESTHER”, an artificial intelligence that automatically analyzes your data based on criteria you set, prioritizes importance, and feeds accounts of patients that need medical attention to your nurse or other designated staffer.

Can we be alerted to the need for a pre-cert?

The system tracks pre-authorization numbers both by time and by number of visits, and automatically warns you if the patient’s insurance requires a pre-cert and a valid one does not exist. This warning appears at appointment scheduling, at patient inquiry, and at charge entry or check-out.

Are we able to track “outbound” referrals when we are the primary physician?

Our system exclusively offers the ability for you to manage and track your outbound referrals to specialists... generate reports for analysis... and follow-up with patients who do not keep their referral appointments.

Can we communicate demographic or insurance changes?

Yes, you simply go into patient registration and quickly edit the record to reflect the change. Everyone, including the billing service, has immediate use of the new information. The “old” information, and who changed it, is added to the patient’s history file for future reference.

How will we be aware of a co-pay?

Your patient inquiry screen displays a co-pay, your computer-generated face sheet (encounter form) shows it and you are warned at procedure entry if one has not yet been collected.


Can we generate patient mailing labels or patient lists?

You can generate patient mailing labels and patient lists by varied criteria, on demand. The software provides a wide range of valuable reports and patient listing capabilities that are defined and controlled by you – at any time – and for no additional charge.

How will we communicate internally and with iNtelli-Bill billing service?

The software contains an internal “e-mail” system for exchanging messages, as well as a tickler system, an electronic rolodex, online insurance information, a patient specific warning system, online patient notes, and other aids that simplify communication, document exceptions so errors are eliminated, save lots of time and reduce omissions or mistakes that cost you reimbursements!

How do we connect to iNtelli-Bill’s host computer?

Clients connect to their data on iNtelli-Bill’s host computer through their standard Windows® PCs and the internet. Their screens will display a “Front Office” menu which contains the functions which they will operate. Billing functions (which are the responsibility of the Billing Service) will not appear on the client’s menu, which avoids confusion and simplifies training. Any additional Front Office functions which the Office Manager wishes to restrict for a particular individual will also be removed from that individual’s menu.

What happens if we want to move our billing functions in-house?

As the developer, iNtelli-Bill can easily set you up to take over the complete billing and practice management responsibilities for your practice. You simply subscribe to the ASP/Cloud Service plan and continue to access the iNtelli-Bill remote servers via the internet just as you did with our billing service. You will have complete functionality of all features and conversion of your data will be FREE. We make this process easy for you because we firmly believe that after you have used our billing services you will never want to change. But if you do, we are here to help.