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February 2021, Demand for Flexible Payment Solutions continues

USPS isn't showing any sign of recovering from the strain generated by the COVID-19 quarantines, and now mother nature has thrown inclement weather into the mix. Bills are reaching patients late and their mailed in payments are reaching the physician's office later than ever before. Even generations that have historically been resistant to change, are seeking digital solutions to counter the failing mail system.






January 2021, Statement and Payment Portals now available

infograph Mobile_iPay Increasing postage fees are now a thing of the past with the Statement Portal. Message your patients their current balance straight to their smart device of choice, most likely a cell phone, and they now have the option of clicking and downloading their statement then and there. This not only saves the cost of postage, but the turn around time on your AR. No more waiting for the mail service to deliver a paper statement to get lost with all the patient's other mail and then waiting for the payment, if one is made, to begin it's slow journey back to your office. The patient receives their balance instantly with the option of downloading their statement instantly.

The Payment Portal compliments the Statement Portal by allowing the patient to settle their account with you immediately from their cell phone or other smart device once they have satisfied themselves their statement is accurate. What has historically taken days if not weeks now takes minutes. The physician gets the money owed him at the earliest possible opportunity and the patient gets to pay at their convenience. The patient doesn't have to wait until they're going through their paper bills to dispense their debt. They can settle their account on their lunch break at work or any other time that is available. Don't wait another minute for your money. Fill out the short questionaire located with our Payment Partners and let's get started today!

Physicians Receive Flat Rate Pricing for Medical Billing Services

Under our flat rate pricing model, physicians pay a low flat rate for claims and statements instead of a percentage of all revenue collected. After years in the business, we've figured out how much it actually costs to provide all the services on a "per claim" basis. It's just a more fair way to charge for what we do.

Claims that require refiling for any reason are refiled for free, and there's still no charge for offices to use our web based practice management system, iNtelli-Bill. Even money collected from patients is exempt from a fee. Doctors hate paying a fee for money "their people" collected. We still handle posting of ERAs,EOBs, patient payments, and essentially everything we do with percentage based contracts.

To illustrate, assume a billing service is charging a 5% fee.... when a $1,000 claim pays, the charge to the doctor would be $50.00 while a $100 claim would generate only $5.00 to the billing service. The work involved for both claims is in most cases, identical. So why pay more just because the doctor provided more expensive services? Billing services are the only real winners on high dollar claims (which is why they like percentage based fees). Not all physicians will benefit from this model, but most, especially those performing higher dollar services will save a lot overall.


Patent Infringement Suit Dismissed With Prejudice

"after conducting a demonstration over the Internet for BNP, BNP agreed that the HorizonMIS product did not infringe the BNP patent." Click for link to article...